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September 10, 2013
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What’s the connection between diabetes and feet?

  If you are diabetic and experienced foot problems, then you know the connection!  During the initial office visit with my diabetic patient population I purposely talk about the most common foot complications connected to diabetes.  Diabetic patients are at risk for the following:

Neuropathy: causes numbness,burning,or tingling and diminishes sensation in the feet.  An example,a diabetic who is unable to feel an object such as, a  piece of glass penetrates the bottom of the foot while walking barefoot.

Ulcers: a break in the skin on the foot.  Slow to heal  and commonly results in  infection. An example, a diabetic patient with an untreated callus on the bottom of the foot . This often connects with loss of protective sensation in feet.

Angiopathy: causes poor circulation,poor healing,swelling and cold feet,absent digital hair,dry skin. An example, a diabetic patient with an infected toe that’s unresponsive to treatment.This often connects with limb loss due to infected non-healing foot wounds.

A simple foot exam by a podiatrist can reveal  the connection between diabetes and  foot complications. This also connects with  reducing the risk of lower-limb loss.

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