April 22, 2013
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What is Athlete’s Foot?

A skin disorder caused by a fungus ,and often found between the toes.  Our feet are common location because we often wear shoes for long periods of time and this creates a warm ,dark, and moist environment for the fungus to thrive  and grow. Walking barefoot in swimming pools,showers and locker room are common areas for fungus.

Your feet may feel itchy,with dry skin and scaling,sometimes  inflammation and blisters in acute cases of infection. If the fungus is not treated,then it can spread to the soles of the feet ,toenails and other parts of the body.

Topical antifungals are usually the first line of treatment. If your treatment options have failed, then you should see a podiatrist. The podiatrist will examine the foot to determine if fungus is the problem or bacteria,which usually has a foul odor. The podiatrist may prescribe a topical or oral antifungal,and  antibiotics if he suspects bacteria is present.

 It is important to wash feet daily,dry  between the toes,and alternate shoes daily to decrease moisture.

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