April 23, 2013
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What causes corns and calluses?

Corns and calluses are areas of thickened skin that forms to protect an area from irritation.  The cause is repeated friction or pressure from skin rubbing against bony areas. Other risk factors include heredity,tight stockings,high heels and deformities of the foot(hammertoes). If the area of thickening of skin  occurs on the bottom of the foot,it’s called a callus or the toe(top of foot),it’s called a corn.

The build up of skin causes increased pressure and becomes  painful with activity such as walking or running. If you have tried and failed to relieve pain and discomfort from corns and calluses with home remedies such as pumice stone,shoe padding or cushion products,and over-the-counter creams,see a podiatrist.

The podiatrist will perform a foot exam ,obtain medical history,inspect shoes,watch you walk,identify  bone abnormality with x-rays. Conservative treatment options  include shaving away the thickened or dead skin with surgical blade reduce pressure from skin  in the office ,and recommend  pre-fab  inserts or  custom orthotics to reduce pressure and compensate for foot deformities. The podiatrist may also recommend wide toe box shoes and low heels,professional cream products to soften thick skin ,which helps to remove.

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