November 13, 2013
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7 Things You Need to Know About Black Friday and  Your Feet

Last holiday season, I treated one of my established patients for painful ingrown toenail pain.  Before leaving the treatment room he looked at me, smiled and said “now I can go shopping at the mall with my wife.”   Yes, holiday shopping at the mall is fun, but foot pain is not.  Before you visit the mall, I want you to follow these foot prints.

1.Excessive walking in shoegear can aggravate ingrown toenails and thick toenails.

2.Wear comfortable shoes with good arch supports.

3. Wear orthotics if you own them ,to help relieve stress on feet.

4.Purchase shoes in the afternoon to avoid  buying shoes too small.

5. Improper shoegear can aggravate arch and heel pain. Recommend the right shoe for the activity.

6. Compression socks/stockings can help with swelling feet.

7.Always try shoes on before purchasing them. All manufactures are not the same fit.

Remember foot pain does not take a holiday.

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