November 14, 2013
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5 Signs of Ingrown Toenail Infection in the Pediatric Foot

This week I have noticed an increase in ingrown toenail infections in my pediatric patients. Both boys and girls with an age range  from  5 to 14 yrs old. The ingrown toenail infections in 2 cases were being treated by the patients  physician but unresponsive to oral antibiotics alone.

Ingrown nails are nails whose corners or sides curve  and dig painfully into soft tissue of nail grooves. This commonly leads to  irritation ,redness and swelling.  Generally, toenails  grow straight out. The big toe is the most common location for ingrown toenail,but other toes can be affected. I recommend that parents pay attention to the following 5 signs at the least

  1. Pain at corners of toenail,especially with activity such as sports.
  2. Redness  at skin surrounding toenail.
  3. Swelling  at borders of toe.
  4. Drainage  is yellow  or discolored.
  5. Odor  is foul.

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